A Pebble Watch App that does Cheerlights

Pebble Watch is an inexpensive but fun to play with watch. It give you the flexibility to design and implement your own Watch Faces or applications known as Watch Apps.

I’ve decided to try something on this watch to just get a feel on how easy/difficult to make it work for me. It turned out is quite an easy and enjoyable experience, though felt a little bit medieval comparing to today’s IDE that let you design the UI intuitively  without having to code everything.

The first thing to show is of course the Time, it is a watch after all!

Showing the time is relatively straight forward and you don’t really need an app to do this, but I started with the app anyway simply because I have plan to add more.

I have two active data collectors around me, one is measuring the temperature and humidity outside of my apartment, and the other measuring the temperature and presence in my living room.

Once the app was done and the time (and the name of my little girl – Hippy) were shown, I start adding the readings from the data collectors, showing the in/out-door temperature and the out door humidity.

I also have the Cheerlights in the living room, so it is natural to add also the ability to display the current Cheerlights color, as well as to set a new one.

Setting the Cheerlights color is achieved by first creating a ThingTweet app in Thingspeak.com. This allows you to tweet to Twitter without having to mess with the OAuth protocol which is quite awkward to do from the watch.

Once the ThingTweet was in place, it is just a simple task to send the Tweet to set the Cheerlights color via Thingspeak’s API.

To get the Cheerlights color, I decided not to pull the color from the official location which is ioBridge Lab. Instead. I pull it from the Spark Core running my Cheerlights project. In any case, it is just another RESTful API call.

The source code is available here on Github.

First watch app
First watch app



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