Water level alarm

The water outlet for the air conditioner was broken recently. The water get nowhere to go so we have to collect it in a tin bucket and empty it regularly to avoid overflow.  An egg timer was tried and it is kind of annoying since the time for the water to collect to a certain level was not fixed. Therefore, me and my daughter decided to build a water level alarm to get rid of this problem.

A battery powered Spark Core is used for both the detection and alarming work.  The Spark Core will wake up from deep sleep every few minutes and take a measurement of the water level. Once the sensor (essentially two copper wires) sense the water reached to the marked level, an alarm is sent to Prowl via PushingBox then get pushed to our iDevices.

The Lego base was designed and built by my daughter as we don’t want the water, or the leakage of, accidentally damaged the Spark Core. The plastic wrap (open for photo taking) is used to protect the equipment from accidentally damaged by spilled water from above!

Water level alarm
Water level alarm
Prowl push message


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